Goat Connect Pro for...

Garage Floor Coating Companies

...it is an advanced marketing & customer acquisition system designed to do more than capture leads. Our system will:

  • Improve your lead quality

  • Help you get more people on the phone

  • Save you and your team tons of time

  • Increase efficiency

  • Create more sales opportunities

  • and more

What is Goat Connect Pro?

Goat Connect is a marketing system design for floor coating and decorative concrete companies to assist them with their entire sales process. From lead generation to sales conversions. 

With Goat Connect, we help you improve things like lead quality, response rates, and conversions, which means you’ll see an increase from your marketing ROI

Our system is designed to save you tons of time and increase overall efficiency in your sales process. We use the latest cutting edge technology to improve customer experience, which will give you a massive advantage over your competitors.

Pipeline Management

Stay close to your pipeline of prospective customers with our easy to use system

Follow Up Process

Our automated follow up process will save you tons of time and increase your sales


Convert more website visitors into leads & sales conversations with our AI text chatbot

Increase Lead Quality

AI designed to engage with inquiring customers through text message, before you call them

Appointment Assistant

Get more leads on the phone with our automated qualifying process

Customer Management System

One software that glues it all together and delivers your leads in real-time.

How do you get more people on the phone?

Speak with more customers

Improve your ratings, build your reputation, and get found online by sending review requests via text to recent customers, responding to and interacting with reviewers, and managing it all from a single inbox.

Struggling with your follow up?

Automated Follow Up System

Some customers are ready now (about 15%), but most aren't. That is why we have created a strategic follow up system in the short and long term to ensure you are getting the most from the leads you paid for.

How can you stay ahead of your competitors?

Floor Coating is a Competitive Industry

Our system incorporates the latest technology to keep you connected to more high quality customers. These advanced features will give you an edge over 95% of your floor coating competitors.

How do we generate leads?

We've run hundreds of ads in this market

We know how to target your ideal customers

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Website

  • Google Business

  • PPC

  • SEO

Want to get started now?

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Why should you try our system?

We help our clients solve bigger problems

Our system and processes put our clients in a position to win in the competitive garage floor coatings market. Our system helps solve the problems that will present themself after the leads come in.

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