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What is GoatConnect.io?

...it is an advanced marketing & customer acquisition system designed to do more than capture leads. With our system you'll experience...

  • Fast & Predictable results

  • Higher lead quality

  • More sales opportunities

  • Automations to save tons of time

  • Increased pipeline ROI

  • Scaleable system to keep growing

  • Plus, much more

Who is ideal for this system?

GoatConnect.io is a marketing system design for floor coating and decorative concrete companies to assist them with their entire sales process. From lead generation to sales conversions. 

We give you all the tools and methods to set you up for success. Additionally, we also improve your customers experience, which gives you a massive advantage over your competitors.

Our system requires at least 1 human who is dedicated and focused on managing your pipeline of leads. We have clients who are 1-man shows and do it all, and we have clients that have multiple salesmen, whatever the case, you'll need someone to be that person.

Pipeline Management

Turn your pipeline into a revenue stream with our software!

Follow Up Process

Our automated follow up process will save you tons of time and increase your sales!


Convert more website visitors into leads & sales conversations with our automated Webchat.

Increase Lead Quality

Get pre-qualified leads delivered to you in real-time!

Missed-Call Text Back

Turn a missed call into a sale with our Missed-call text back feature and funnel!

CRM (mobile & desktop)

One software that glues it all together and allows you to add employees/salesmen.

"We understand the marketing problems this industry faces, and we've developed tools to help you overcome these problems!"

Getting people to pick up your call...

Better pick-up rates

Nothing is more frustrating than calling a new lead and not getting an answer, call back, text, etc. That is why we developed our pre-qualifying system that works 24/7/365 and ensures every lead is promptly engaged!

Connect with more serious buyers

Convert more paying customers

Some customers are ready now (about 15%), but most aren't. That is why we have created a strategic follow up system in the short and long term to ensure no leads slip through the cracks and you get the best ROI from your pipeline!

How do we generate leads?

We've run hundreds of ads in this market

We know how to target your ideal customers!

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Website

  • Google Business

  • PPC

  • SEO

We use proven strategies, and methods to get optimal lead generation results!

Why should you try our system?

More than lead generation

Our system and processes put our clients in a position to win in the competitive garage floor coatings market. Goatconnect.io helps solve the problems that will present themself after the leads come in.

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